Summer Program 2018 Registration

PROGRAM (A) Weekends, Both SAT & SUN 10AM-3PM

Summer Program Starts June 23rd to August 5th 2018
This Program is only during the weekend Days, both Saturday and Sunday a total of 10 hours a week
Ages from 4-15 Years Old
The Program focuses on Quran Memorization and Qaidayh Noraniyah
This Program is 7 weeks, Total of 70 hours
The Cost of the program is $130 for the 7 weeks


PROGRAM (B) Weekdays, Monday Thru Friday 8AM-12PM

Summer Program Starts June 25th to August 3rd 2018  

This Program is only during the weekdays (MON Thru FRI)

Total of 20 hours a week 

Ages from 4-9 Years Old 

The Program focuses on Arabic,Qaidayh Noraniyah and Quran Memorization

This Program is 7 weeks, Total of 140 hours 

The Cost of the program is $229 for the 7 weeks

Summer Camp 2018 June 23rd - August 11th

Ages 4-6

This Class has limited seats. Students in this class will learn short Suras, supplications, Anasheed (Islamic Songs), Arabic Alphabets, and a lot of fun activities. REGISTER NOW

Ages 7-10

They will start memorizing Juzu Amma, learning how to make Wadu'u and pray, Islamic manners and ethics, and prophets' stories. They will also play  sports and other fun activities.REGISTER NOW

Ages 11-14

Starting to memorize Juzu Amma, and if a student already knew it, he/she will continue to memorize that next Juzu and revise the previous memorization. They will go through Wadu'u and prayers, islamic manners, prophet (pbuh) biography, and a lot of sports and fun activities. REGISTER NOW

Our Vision.

Empowered Muslim children with awakened minds, inspired hearts, and enlightened actions.

Our Mission.

The mission of AAD is to attain the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by...

  • Providing a platform for Islamic Studies and Arabic Language.
  • Teaching Islamic rituals and manners.
  • Fostering an engaging North American Muslim Culture.
  • Promoting Islamic principles grounded in the Qu’ran and Sunnah.
  • Sparking youth involvement in community development and dialogue.
  • Establishing a diverse & supportive network of children,youth and the greater community.

Main Programs


Classes for 4 - 6 years old. It's Fun & Learn Class. Children will learn Arabic Alphabets, Arabic Alphabets Handwriting, Islamic Supplications, & How to Pray. Children in this level will also start learning Al-Qaidah Al-Noraniyah


Classes for Ages 7 to 10 years old that cover Basic Islamic Studies, Arabic Alphabets, Reading and Writing, Wado'u and Prayers, & Islamic Manners. Children in this level will continue learning Al-Qaidah Al-Noraniyah


Classes for Ages 11 to 18 years old that cover Islamic Studies, Prophet PBUH biography, Theology, How to? Islamic Rituals, Muslim Teens Manners,& Basic Arabic Class. Children in this level will continue learning Al-Qaidah Al-Noraniyah



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